Birmingham Adventure.

Sam and me. Noni, me, fib, maryani, Dominic and Sam. Me icing a cake.

Me and Thalia. Me Ali and Dave. Jes, Dave, Thalia, Gareth, me, Cam, Emma, Ollie and Ali. And the last is my favourite photo of the day, Thalia with her finer in her nose and me and Ollie.

Cats cats cats

Thought you might like these!

Elsie, Alma say on a speaker, Elsie sleeping, Alma on a rug on the rocking chair, Elsie and me, Alma on the windowsill hiding from the rain (before the wall came down) Alma looking like a baby seal on the rocking chair, me and Elsie, and Lindsay the cat who lives in the green grocers opposite our shop.

Alma loves sleeping at the top of the stairs, Elka and Bertie, Elka and cake, Alma sleeping in mud, Elsie in a box, me and Alma, the garden, cuddles with Alma, Alma sleeping on the rocking chair x2.

Icing cupcake race with Fibi.

Meowing to go outside.